Payroll Deductions for CUNY Employees


Click here to download your CUNY Payroll Deduction form.

What organizations can I donate to with payroll deductions?

Any CUNY college and support area, participating in CUNYTuesday 2019.You can select up to three designations for your gift.

When can I enroll into payroll deductions?

The enrollment period this year is September 26, 2019 – December 6, 2019.

How soon do payroll deductions take effect and when do they end?

Deductions begin with the first pay period of 2020 and end after the last pay period.

Where do I find the payroll deductions form?

At your Advancement office or on after November 4, 2019.

How do I submit the form?

Hand it to your Advancement office or email it directly to

When is the form due?

December 6, 2019. Forms will not be accepted after this date.

Is my donation deducted pre tax?

No. It is against Federal law for charitable payroll deductions to be made pre-tax.

Can I seek a charitable deduction from the IRS?

Yes. If you are plan on itemizing, you can seek a charitable deduction from the IRS. You will need a copy of your pledge form along with your W-2 form or your pay stubs.

Can I make changes to my elections?

After December 6, 2019 you can only request to cancel your payroll deductions pledge.